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Welcome to Spike & Jamie's Irish Recipe Collection.  Wonderful recipes from the Emerald Isle.  Recipes for St. Patrick's Day and everyday!!

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Irish Sayings

As old as Atty Haye's goat.

As Hairy as a puck-goats head

As thieving as a fox's snout

Beauty won't make the pot boil

May you live and wear it

Go bhfana í ngrá linn - May those who love us...

May you have heath to wear it

May luck be to the married couple

May the face of every good news and the back 
of every bad news be towards us

As wise as the women of Mungret

As hard as the hob of hell

As cunning as the fox

As deep as the sea

As bashful as a girl

As slow as a late dinner

As dull as ditch water

As swift as a hare

As true as the gospel

As brave as Fionn MacCumhall

As yellow as a ragweed

As lazy as a donkey

As lazy as a piper's luidin

As cunning as the fox

As long as a wet Sunday

It's hard to teach an old dog to dance.

As the cock crows, the young bird chirps

To be old and decayed dishonors no-one

In youth we have our troubles before us; 
in age we leave pleasure behind.

As busy as a bee

As salty as the sea

As good as gold

As rich as Damer

As old as the hills

As bald as a buailtin

As slow as a late dinner

As dull as ditch water

As swift as a hare

As true as the gospel

As bitter as thick milk

As crooked as ram's horn

As brown as a berry

Like the sun on the hill-top, but like a thistle on the hearth.

Street angel, house devil.

When the twig hardens, it's difficult to twist it.

A man lives long in his native place.

As tough as a wheel string.

As mim as a dog without his tail.

As black as Toal's cloak

As bad as Barrington's blood hound to us

A black hen lays white eggs.

A buckle is a great addition to an old shoe.

Nobility listens to art

As stiff as a poker

Old burdens don't incite blows.

Red-hot ashes are easily rekindled.

No wrong to be done to seven classes of persons 
excited to anger- a bard, a chief, a woman, 
a prisoner, a drunken person, a druid, 
and a king in his own dominions.

An inch is a great deal in a man's nose.

It's not the bones that are beautiful but the flesh on the shoulders.

A thong is no shorter for having been in water.

Its appearances are better than its value.

Handsome is as handsome does.

Young people don't know what age is; 
old people forget what youth was.

The old man hasn't the place of the cat in the ashes.

Is it not a lonesome thing to be getting old.

There's anger in an open laugh.

It's no use going to the goat's house to look for wool

It's hard to fight with the wide ocean

An empty bag won't stand

Tis hard to drive a hare out of a bush he's not in

You can't draw blood out of a turnip

You won't make a rope from the sand of the sea

It's only the Lord can make a racehorse out of a jackass

The devil couldn't do it unless he was drunk

Tis no use talking when the harm is done

It is the hope of recompense that ruins the card player.

Better a son of a gambler than a drinker

The expectation of success is what beggars the gambler

Crafty advice is often got from a fool

A wise man takes advice

A ring on her finger and not a stitch of clothes on her back.

Sparing at home and lavish in the hospital

Take gifts with a sigh most men give to be paid

O'Neills gift and his two eyes looking after it

It is worth going to meet generosity that is slow

A gentle answer quenches anger

God moves slowly yet his grace comes

God never closes one door but he opens another

God shares the good things

The person not taught by God is not taught by man

A kind word never broke anyone's mouth

God's help is nearer than the door

God is not as severe as he is said to be

God often pays debts without money

The love of God guides every good

Man talks but God directs

God helps him that helps himself

The will of God yesterday today and forever

A good thing is improved by increasing it

Good begets good

A whisper in Nora's ear is louder than a shout from the highest hill

A woman told me that a woman told her that she saw a woman who saw a woman who made ale of potatoes

The good is never late

Everything good is used in little pieces

Beauty is only skin deep

Beauty suffers no pain

It's the jewel that can't be got that is the most beautiful

The man without eyes is no judge of beauty

A good laugh and a long sleep the best cures in a doctor's book

Sickness is the physician's feast

The beginning of a ship is a board of a kiln a stone, of a king's reign salutation, and the beginning of health is sleep

A long disease doesn't tell a lie, it kills at last

A man is often a bad adviser to himself and a good adviser to another.

The man who won't have advice will have conflict.

He is bad that will not take advice, but he is a thousand times worse that takes every advice

The cat is his own best adviser

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