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The Last St. Patrick's Day of the 20th Century

Friday, March 17, 2000
Top News Headlines This Week:

March 17, 2000 - the Last St. Patrick's Day of the 20th Century   
Mar 17 - Gun Maker Accepts Restrictions    
Mar 17 - U.S. Relaxes Sanctions on Iran   

Top Songs for 2000
Say My Name by Destiny's Child     Smooth by Santana    
Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon     Amazed by Lonestar    
Maria Maria by Santana     Bent by Matchbox 20    
Breathe by Faith Hill     I Wanna Know by Joe    
I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden     He Wasn't Man Enough by Toni Braxton    
2000 Prices US President
Bread:  $0.93/loaf Bill Clinton
Milk:  $2.78/gal US Vice President
Eggs:  $1.25/doz Al Gore
Car:  $20,664 Academy Award Winners
Gas:  $1.57/gal
Best Picture:Gladiator
 Directed By Ridley Scott
Best Actor:Russell Crowe
 in Gladiator
Best Actress:Julia Roberts
 in Erin Brockovich
House:  $206,400
Avg Income:  $65,500/yr
Min Wage:  $5.50/hr
People born on March 17
1675 - Petrus Laurentius Wockenfuss, composer
1876 - Frederic Ayers composer
1902 - Bobby Jones Jr Atlanta GA, PGA golfer (Grand Slam 1930)
1911 - Raffaele d' Alessandro composer
1917 - Brian Boydell composer
1922 - Megan Bull British head mistress (Holloway Jail)
1923 - Margaret Bondfield 1st woman chairman (Trades Union Congress)
1927 - Patrick Allen Malawi, actor (Roman Holiday, Dial "M" for Murder)
1934 - Erhard Grosskopf composer
1938 - Rudolf Nureyev Russia, ballet dancer/choreographer (Kirov)
1820 - Patrick Edward Connor Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1825 - Rodolphe Bresdin French cartoonist/lithographer (Le Bon Samaritain)
1848 - Horace Wadham Nicholl composer
1874 - Stephen Samuel Wise US, president of Zionist Organization of America
1894 - Paul Green US, novelist/playwright (In Abraham's Bosom)
1910 - Bayard Rustin civil rights leader
1940 - Vito Picone rocker (Elegants)
1965 - John Smiley Phoenixville PA, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds)
1966 - Andrew Hudson cricketer (South Africa, 163 on debut vs West Indies 1992)
1967 - Chris Luongo Detroit MI, NHL defenseman (New York Islanders)
1967 - Kim Cathrein Salinas CA, LPGA golfer (1994 Rochester International-24th)
1967 - Melissa Allen Portland OR, WPVA volleyballer (Reebok National-13th-1994)
1967 - Van Conner rocker (Screaming Trees)
1968 - Judy Mosley McAfee WNBA forward (Sacramento Monarchs)
1968 - Tyrone Hill NBA forward (Cleveland Cavaliers)
1969 - Andrew McMarlin Vienna VA, rower (Olympics-1996)
1969 - Domenic "Filane" Figliomeni Terrace Bay Ontario, boxer (Olympics-96)
1969 - Gilbert Schaller Bruck Austria, tennis star
1970 - Shannan Mitchem Decatur GA, female infielder (Colorado Silver Bullets)
1971 - Katrina Colleton WNBA guard/forward (Los Angeles Sparks)
1971 - Tommy Thigpen WLAF linebacker (Barcelona Dragons)
1972 - Mia Hamm Selma AL, soccer forward (Olympics-96, US Women's World Cup-99)
1973 - Amelia Weatherly actress (Stephanie Brewster-Loving/The City)
1973 - Jerome Woods safety (Kansas City Chiefs)
1974 - Eric Lane running back (New York Giants)
1974 - John Hall kicker (New York Jets)
1976 - Stephen Gately Dublin Ireland, Irish singer (Boyzone)
1473 - James IV, king of Scotland (1488-1513)
1787 - George Simon Ohm, physicist (discovered Ohm's Law)
1826 - Oskar Peschel German journalist/geography (Völkerkunder)
1872 - Billy Quaife cricketer (England batsman 1899-1902)
1873 - Chard Somerset 1st woman Cabinet minister (1929-31)
1887 - Ben Sajet Dutch physician/politician
1895 - Shemp Howard [Samuel Horwitz] Brooklyn NY, comedian/actor (3 Stooges, Bank Dick)
1908 - Boris N Poveloi [Kampov], Russian journalist/writer
1919 - Hank Sauer baseball player (National League MVP 1952)
1944 - John Sebastian New York NY, singer (Loving Spoonful, Welcome Back Kotter)
1949 - Patrick Duffy Townsend MT, actor (Bobby-Dallas, Man from Atlantis)
1951 - Kurt Russell Springfeild MA, actor (Thing, Overboard, Mean Seasons)
1951 - Scott Gorham Irish hard rock guitarist (Thin Lizzy-21 Guns, Jailbreak)
1954 - Lesley-Anne Down London, actress (A Little Night Music, Moonraker)
1954 - Rena Jones rock vocalist
1954 - Wally Stocker London England, rock vocalist/guitarist (Babys-Missing You)
1955 - Bill Beyers actor (Wally McCandless-Capitol)
1955 - Cynthia McKinney (Representative-Democrat-GA)
1955 - Gary Sinise actor (Apollo 13, Forrest Gump)
1955 - Paul Overstreet Van Cleave MS, country singer (Daddy's Come Around)
1977 - Hadeel Abol-Naga Miss Egypt-Universe (1996)
9999 - Amelia Heinie, actress (Stephanie-Loving) [or Aug 17]
1578 - Francesco Albana, Ital painter (Mary's Ascension)
1789 - Edmund Kean, London England, tragic actor (Shylock)
1839 - Josef Rheinberger Vaduz Liechtenstein, opera composer (Munich Conser)
1873 - Margaret Bondfield British Labour leader/1st woman cabinet member
1888 - Frank Buck actor (Africa Screams, Tiger Queen, Tiger Fangs)
1890 - Harold Morris composer
1906 - Brigitte Helm [Gisele Eve von Kuenheim] Berlin, actress (Gloria, Gold)
1908 - Radie Britain composer
1918 - D Arendo [Arend Honhoff] Dutch pianist/composer (Eleonora)
1927 - Kenneth S Goldstein folklorist/enthomusicologist
1956 - Will Rigby rock percussionist (Amy Rigby Diary of a Mad Housewife)
1957 - Robin Cousins Bristol England, figure skater (Olympics-gold-1980)
1959 - Brian Douglas Jones Auckland New Zealand, tornado class yachter (Olympics-96)
1959 - Danny Ainge NBA coach (Phoenix Suns)
1959 - Mike Lindup British rock keyboardist/singer (Level 42-Hot Water)
1959 - Terry Hall (Specials Fun Boy 3)
1960 - Lee Ann Michelle Surrey England, playmate (February 1979)
1960 - Vicki Lewis Cincinnati OH, actress (Beth-Newsradio)
1961 - Casey Siemaszko Chicago IL, actor (Biloxi Blues, 3 O'Clock High)
1962 - Clare Grogan rocker (Altered Images-Happy Birthday)
1628 - Daniel van Papenbroeck, [Papebrochius], Flemish historian
1846 - Kate Greenaway England, artist/book illustrator (Under the Window)
1880 - Guillermo Uribe Holguin composer
1892 - Sayed Darwish composer
1906 - Michael O'Shea Hartford CT, actor (Denny-It's a Great Life)
1906 - Tamara Geva dancer
1915 - Hans Namuth German/US photographer (Todos Santos, Guatemala)
1918 - Mercedes McCambridge Joliet IL, actress (Exorcist, All the King's Men)
1925 - G M Hughes British zoologist
1935 - Adam Wade Pittsburgh PA, singer (Tony Orlando & Dawn)
1664 - Georg Osterreich, composer
1832 - Walter Quintin Gresham Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1881 - Kristian Elster Norwegian author (Less bror Harris)
1901 - Eisaku Sato premier of Japan (Nobel 1974)
1907 - Jan M J van Houtte premier Belgium (1952-54)
1915 - William Roycroft Austria, equestrian 3 day (Olympics-bronze-1976)
1917 - Arthur Basil Cotle medievalist
1921 - Mick Harvey cricketer (in Newcastle Brother of Neil Test umpire)
1925 - Jerome Lejeune physiologist
1932 - Dick Curless singer/songwriter
1941 - Clarence Collins US singer (Imperials-Tears on my pillow)
1685 - Jean-Marc Nattier, French portrait painter
1899 - Gloria Swanson Chicago IL, actress (Sadie Thompson, Killer Bees)
1914 - Sammy Baugh Temple TX, NFL hall of famer QB (Washington Redskins)
1919 - Nat "King" Cole Montgomery AL, singer (Unforgettable, Mona Lisa)
1924 - Stephen Dodgson composer
1928 - Edino Krieger composer
1930 - James Benson Irwin Pittsburgh PA, Colonel USAF/astronaut (Apollo 15)
1936 - Ladislaw Kupkovic composer
1939 - Shahid Mahmoud cricketer (opener scored 16 & 9 in only Pakistan Test)
1944 - Cito Gaston MLB manager (Toronto Blue Jays)
1746 - Jan David Holland, composer
1781 - Dominique J de Eerens, governor-general of Neth Indies
1909 - Patrick Reilly British diplomat
1920 - John La Montaine Oak Park IL, composer (Pulitzer 1959)
1927 - Maurice Ingvar Karkoff composer
1931 - Eunice Gayson London England, actress (Dr No, From Russia With Love)
1936 - Thomas K Mattingly II Chicago IL, Captain USN/astronaut (Apollo 16, STS-4, 51C)
1937 - Adam Wade actor (Kiss Me Goodbye, Crazy Joe)
1942 - John Wayne Gacy Jr Chicago IL, serial killer (32 boys)
1944 - Danny DeVito Neptune NJ, actor (Louie-Taxi, Twins)
1944 - Pat McCauley N Ireland, rock drummer (Them)
1944 - Patti Boyd Somerset England, (Mrs George Harrison/Mrs Eric Clapton)
1945 - Paco Gonzalez race horse trainer
1946 - Harold Brown Long Beach CA, rock drummer (War-Summer, Galaxy)
1946 - Michael Peter Finnissey composer
1947 - Ian Gomm rock guitarist
1948 - Fran Byrne rocker
1948 - Pat Lloyd rocker
1948 - Robert Braunwart who added thousands of dates to this database
1948 - William [Ford] Gibson Canada, sci-fi author (Neuromancer, Count Zero)
1777 - Roger Brooke Taney, Calvert Md, 5th Chief Justice (Dred Scott dec)
1834 - Gottlieb Daimler Germany, engineer/inventor/auto pioneer-designed 1st motorcycle
1918 - Wilhelmus M J Russell Dutch attorney/Member of 1st chamber (KVP/CDA)
1927 - Nancy Sheehan writer
1935 - H Wollschläger writer
1937 - Galina Samsova ballerina
1942 - Paul Kantner rock guitarist (Jefferson Starship-White Rabbit)
1942 - Sidney K Barthelmy US politician(?)
1780 - Thomas Chalmers, 1st moderator (Free Church of Scotland 1843-47)
1828 - Patrick Ronayne Cleburne the "Stonewall" of the West (Major General-Confederate Army)
1877 - Albert P Hahn Dutch political cartoonist (People/Nutcracker)
1926 - Siegfried Lenz German writer (Ein Kriegsende)
1935 - Renee Taylor actress/comedian (Last of the Red Hot Lovers)
1941 - Edward Harper composer
1943 - Don Mitchell Houston TX, actor (Mark-Ironside)
1804 - James Bridger scout/fur trader/mountain man par excellence
1832 - Moncure Daniel Conway US, clergyman/author/abolitionist (Life of Thomas Paine)
1874 - Kincsem horse that never lost a race
1900 - Alfred Newman New Haven, composer (Love is a Many Splendored Thing)
1934 - Q T Macon blues vocal/guitar
1941 - Gene Pitney Hartford CT, rock singer (Town without Pity)
1962 - Janet Patricia Gardner Juneau AK, rocker (Vixen-Rev It Up)
1962 - Patrick Thomas Burke Hollywood FL, PGA golfer (1992 BellSouth-6th)
1963 - Rebeca Arthur actress (Mary Anne-Perfect Strangers, Opposites Attract)
1963 - Roger Harper cricketer (Guyana & West Indies off-spinner Extraordinary field)
1964 - Alex Shoumidoub NHL goaltender (Belarus, Olympics-98)
1964 - Don Griffin NFL cornerback (Cleveland Browns)
1964 - Rob Lowe Charlottesville VA, actor (St Elmo's Fire, West Wing, Wayne's World, Class)
1964 - Ron Warren Jr jockey (Bay Meadows)
1965 - Andrew Hudson, South African cricket player
1965 - Caitlin Bilodeaux Boston MA, US fencer (Olympics-92)
On TV in 2000
Friends    Homicide: Life on the Street    Frasier   
Survivor    ER    N.Y.P.D. Blue   
Big Brother    Law & Order    The X-Files   
The Simpsons    Who Wants to be a Millionaire?    Beverly Hills 90210   
Hot New Toys in 2000
Furby    Pokemon Gold and Silver    Star Wars Toys   
Celebration Barbie (Special 2000 edition)    Pokemon Yellow Gameboy Game    Playstation 2   
Electronic Elmo    Sega Dreamcast    Toots the Train   
Baby Furby    Harry Potter Trivia game    VMail   
3-D Jigsaw Puzzles    Pokemon Trading Cards    Moon Walk Shoes   
Lego Championship Challenge    Top It    Bouncing Tigger   
Super Gorilla Magnet    Cybiko    Teletubbies   
Razor Scooter    Amazing Babies    Electronic Pikachu   
Let's Pretend Elmo    Super Poo-Chi    New Furby   
Game Boy Color    Tucker The Truckbot    Yomega STROBE   
DMarie Time Capsule

The First St. Patrick's Day of the 21st Century

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